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Kay Pike, Body Painter and Bandai America Inc. Featured at Anime Expo 2017

Photo courtesy of Kay Pike Facebook Page

by Liz Tarnof

Anime Expo (AX) is known for bringing in masses of anime fans, all scrambling to find their favorite panel, celebrity voice actor, or perhaps a photo op with a  giant Bananyan.  This year’s attendance topped 2016 by 7%, with over 107,000 registered individuals.

The Exhibit Hall featured a total of 450 booths, which covered 137,600 sq ft, a 14% increase from 2016. More than 150 guests, performers, voice actors, and creators were on-site to mingle with attendees and provide special performances, sneak peaks and premieres.

Photo courtesy of Kay Pike Facebook Page

Speaking of special guests, I had the pleasure of meeting up with professional body painter Kay Pike who was stationed at the Bandai America Inc. booth. Kay is part of a seamless team with her husband Moose, who serves as her manager and producer. Early (and I mean early) that morning, Kay had painted herself as Piccolo, the mean and green alien from the Dragon Ball Z series. Curious as to how Kay got into this unique artistic medium? “Cosplay my friend. Body painting is a social lubricant for me…and a way to make friends. If I paint myself as a Dragon Ball Z character, I’m immediately friends with everyone who likes the franchise,” Kay explains. Kay states that she has always been an artist and loves many different forms of art.

With Dragon Ball Super being debuted this past January, Bandai America Inc. has been heavily promoting the new Dragon Ball Super toy line, the latest additions to the Dragon Ball Collectibles series, and the popular characters from the legendary Dragon Ball franchise. Kay was featured as one of Bandai’s guests with her Piccolo body painting on Saturday and her Fused Zamasu body painting on Sunday. What can we expect from Kay next? “I’m working on the weapons for Beerus…the purple cat from Dragon Ball Super. I’m excited for that!”

For more on Kay Pike, she can be found via her social media through the following links:

                 A Happy Bananyan

Instagram: @kaypikefashion

Facebook: @kaypikefashion


For more information on Bandai America Inc., please visit their website at

For more information on Anime Expo, please visit their website at

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