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The New Wonder Woman Film: DC Comics Savior

by Liz Tarnof

On May 24, 2017 (also known as Wonder Woman Wednesdays), Warner Bros. Entertainment debuted the fan screening of Wonder Woman in select theaters throughout the U.S.  Hundreds of Wonder Woman enthusiasts that signed up for tickets lined the theater hours early, waiting in excited anticipation. Each attendee received a Wonder Woman headpiece, an interactive sticker, and a poster featuring the Woman of Wonder herself.

Without giving away any spoilers, the movie itself was beyond phenomenal. DC Comics has truly redeemed themselves with this movie. Not only were the cinematics beautiful, but the acting was spectacular as well. Gal Gadot has truly brought her acting skills to the table with this movie, with Chris Pine an’ additional outstanding attraction. The movie will bring many emotions to the surface and have you cheering throughout. For all of you that have become jaded from the Batman movies, Wonder Woman is nowhere near as dark (both literally and figuratively). I can’t get over how beautiful the locations are….can Themyscira be real please?

The movie begins with Wonder Woman as a child named Diana. Diana has always had the urge to be a warrior but her mother, Queen Hippolyta, is adamant against her following this perilous path. As Diana grows up on the hidden island of Themyscira, she is secretly trained in combat by General Antiope, the most skilled warrior on the island. As time goes on, Diana realizes she is different. Queen Hippolyta and Antiope keep Diana’s past a secret…they want to keep her safe for as long as they can. One day a plane penetrates the force field surrounding the island that keeps it hidden and crashes into the ocean. Diana witnesses this and heroically rescues the pilot trapped inside whose name is Steve Trevor.  Steve tells the women of the island of a terrible war going on and Diana is greatly moved and decides to help stop it. Diana leaves home to fight the war, in the process discovering her full powers and true destiny.

Wonder Woman is everything we want her to be. Strong-willed, assertive, not willing to give up and always fighting for what is right.  It’s about time we brought a strong female super hero to the light…and Wonder Woman does not disappoint. The passion and emotion that emanates from her is so strong that it’s almost impossible to not side with her.

With Wonder Woman being such an amazing movie, I now have high expectations for Justice League. DC Comics, your fans expect more fantastic content!

Wonder Woman will be released in theaters for the general public June 2nd. For more information please visit or

All photos courtesy of official Wonder Woman Facebook page


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