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Feral Cosmetics- A Makeup Company That Truly Gives Back

by Liz Tarnof

Just a few of Feral’s liquid lipsticks

Being a makeup fan for more than half of my life, I’ve come across many brands and seen them come and go. One brand that seems like they’re here to stay is Feral Cosmetics…a vegan and cruelty free makeup brand that launched in 2015. I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the founders Arpine Zohrabyan, a selfless mother of two, nurse, and wife to the other co-founder, Hovik.

Feral Cosmetics stands out not only because of their unique and flashy lipstick colors, but because they give back to the community. The first charity that Feral donated too was PETA. The company donated 10% of their profits from the launch of their liquid lipsticks. Feral has also donated to a small Leukemia foundation called I Wear Orange. “Our focus has been dedicated to smaller charitable organizations to help them grow and give back to our community,” Arpine said. With the exception of PETA (they donated due to their company being cruelty free), they have also organized a donation to multiple breast cancer foundations, two being The Pink Agenda and Fighting Pretty. Feral Cosmetics promised to donate one lipstick per lipstick sold April 4th through April 15th. Feral’s next idea is to donate lipsticks to woman shelters. “We want them to feel good and give them a chance to increase their self-confidence with makeup,” noted Arpine.

What spurred this willingness to donate so often and to so many different charities? “About 10 years or so ago, my husband’s cousin had a family member that was diagnosed with leukemia. He was only given about 6 months to live, so we all gave saliva samples to see if we were a bone marrow match. Unfortunately, none of us were, and 2 or 3 months later he passed away. I receive a letter from the hospital asking if I would like to stay on the registry and I said yes. Three years later on March 4th, I received a call from the hospital saying I was a potential match for a leukemia patient who was 3 years old and female. After additional testing, I found out I was a match and I got shivers.I went to the hospital and had a meeting with the doctors and nurse practitioners and they basically told me that if I’m okay donating my marrow, from this point on they will drain the bone marrow from the patient and put her on life support until my bone marrow is inside of her. They told me that if I got ill, pregnant or anything like that, the patient would die,” Arpine recounts.

Arpine ended up getting her marrow removed from her pelvic bone to donate to the patient. As to how the patient is doing now? “She’s cancer free and 8 years old,” Arpine happily replies,

Rose by Goar Limited Edition lipstick

This experience made Arpine know that she wanted to make a difference in the world. Her promise to herself was to make at least one person feel good every single day. Thus Feral Cosmetics was born. She helped launch her husband’s dream to have his own cosmetics company. It’s been a wondrous success so far…first with the launch of their iconic lipstick shade Euphoric, followed by many other shades, and now with the launch of their liquid lipsticks. Feral promises that their liquid lipstick formulas are not overly drying, contain plenty of pigmentation and won’t turn cakey. They offer many shades in their liquid lippes, so I highly suggest you give them a try. Feral Cosmetics is truly for everyone… Apine reassures that “whether you want to be wild and crazy, whether you’re 15 years old or 50, I want you to feel comfortable with our brand.”

I’m truly looking forward to what’s in store for Feral…remember, stay wild, free, and beautiful!

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