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Local Artist to be Showcased at Indian Wells Art Show

Parea by Niki Sands

By Ashley Glenn

Los Angeles is known for its variety in artists and its unique styles; and now one of those artists is making it big at a Spectrum art show. Niki J Sands is a local artist from Las Vegas who will be exhibiting her work at the Spectrum Indian Wells art show running from March 16-19 in the Coachella Valley.

“I’m excited, anxious and nervous,” Sands said. “It’s a pretty big deal for me to be going out of my comfort zone as far as my art is concerned.”

Sands has been an artist all of her life but has been working on her art career since 2005, specializing in cubism, serialism and pallet knife art. What started out as a fun hobby turned into a job when people began asking Sands for her work.

“My first gallery was downtown at the Art’s District [Las Vegas] in 2004,” Sands said. “And from there, one thing lead to another.”

Her career as an artist has led to the Spectrum Indian Wells art show. Indian Wells is a four-day fine art experience that will be featuring artists and their work from all across the country and around the world; top galleries, art publishers and established various studio artists. It will also include art talks, special entertainment and curated projects.

“It’s a great venue, Indian Wells and the Spectrum shows in general,” Sands said. “It’s a great way for artists to showcase their work and be noticed by other artists. It’s a great opportunity.”

The show is part of Redwood Media Group, which operates six other art shows including Spectrum Indian Wells:  Artexpo New York, Spectrum Miami, Art San Diego, Art Santa Fe, and Red Dot Miami. Spectrum Indian Wells launched its premiere in March 2016 and will now be hosting its second year at the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa.

The opportunity is not only luxurious, but also exciting for artists looking to showcase new and interesting work to the public and others in the art community. Sands will be showcasing new pieces at Spectrum Indian Wells, one in which is titled, “Simpatico”.

“It means congenial or like-minded,” Sands said. “It’s kind of an abstract and cubis-style couple and they’re embracing.”

The new painting will be featured alongside several other works Sands will be featuring at Spectrum Indian Wells. Sands will also be showing two different art styles with these pieces; the cubist, surreal figurative style and pallet knife.

Sands will be one of the many artists to be showcased at Spectrum Indian Wells. The show will be a way to truly show the fine arts community in a way that is both relaxing and entertaining.

To find out more about ticket prices, visit To see more of Sands’ work, visit her website at

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