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Nathan Agin is on a Mission to Eat Healthy While Traveling Across the Country

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By Gina Jones 

Los Angeles Informer

One day as I combed through Craigslist looking for interesting posts that maybe I could write a story about, I ran across a post for the need of a food photographer. Since I am an aspiring food photographer I answered the ad. To my surprise I ran across something very interesting, different and educational. I ran across Travel. Eat. Thrive.

The star and concept creator, Nathan Agin, is a modern-day nomad. In a nutshell, he is in search of keeping a healthy eating lifestyle while traveling around the country. How does one do this, you might ask? Well that is a question he is trying to answer for many others. See we all like to travel, right? Eating is just a part of thriving every day; this can be a hard concept to handle while traveling since it seems so easy to fall into the drive-thru trap. But honestly, if most of us were educated about what we were truly eating, we might make different choices.

Here’s part of the show’s mission:


Consuming healthier foods on a regular basis can lead to lower healthcare costs, less pollution, more connectedness in communities, and a boost in local economies!

We want to change the world, one meal at a time. We want you to feel alive and full of energy, to find ways to naturally cure and heal yourself, all through food that tastes amazing!

Nathan, who spent a few months on a farm in Hawaii, got very accustomed to the fresh foods that the farm had to offer and noticed that he felt better, no crashes during the day, no crazy hunger cravings—he just felt better. After leaving the farm, Nathan wanted to continue eating this way because he physically and mentally felt better. As he started his travels he found it hard to find healthy food on the road, so he came up with the concept of doing a travel show, that features a variety of healthy lifestyle approaches, whether it’s grass-fed, gluten-free, Paleo, or plant-based.

With all the cooking channels and the ooddles of shows that are on the air, no one is talking about healthy food, the food of our caveman ancestors. This is truly how humans should eat, just like they did in the Stone Age. All the processed food we are eating is making us sick and the hope for this show is to not only educate people about eating healthy, but also how to prepare foods, and feature restaurants that you can dine at.
More from the show…


We love the creative work happening in restaurants, farmer’s markets, and on the fringe of healthy eating all around the world—we want to showcase and highlight these remarkable efforts and to learn WHY we want to eat this way!

Right now there is a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to finish this pilot and get it out there. It’s an all-or-nothing campaign and funding ends Saturday, December 15th. There are various pledge levels, all with rewards!

You can view the trailer for the show and learn more about the project here:

I loved working on this project. After working on this project, I have truly looked at how I eat and the way I view food. It was very eye opening and I think the show will have the same effect.

Photos by Fabulous Food

Gina Jones

I am Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and now reside in Valencia, CA.

I am a graduate from CSN commercial photography school, studying culinary arts at the College of the Canyons. Food photographer, restaurant reviewer / blogger, food awareness are my big passions.

Follow me on  Facebook: Fabulous Food Fotos or Twitter @FabFoodieFotos.  To learn more about my passion for food, visit my Fabulous Food Fotos website.

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